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What are daggers? Daggers are close-combat weapons. They are shorter than swords and have a double-edged blade and a handle. Daggers also make use of a special covering called a sheath that protects users from getting stabbed while the daggers are not being used.

How do daggers work?

Daggers, when used for stabbing or thrusting, pierce through the skin of people and animals. Daggers may cause minor wounds, at the least, and may kill, at the most. Because daggers are dangerous, people are sometimes required to have licenses to carry them.

What types of daggers are being sold?

- Delta Force survival hunting knife
- Sgian Dubh Irish dress dirk dagger
- Exotic Buddha steel dagger
- Kindjal Mingrelian Georgian dagger
- Indian war dance hunting dagger
- Many others

What can daggers be used for?

Often, daggers are used by military men during close-combat and when their guns fail them. Daggers, when not in use, are often tucked near the hips or legs of soldiers. However, daggers may also be used by non-military men for killing or injuring people and animals. And because daggers, hidden in their sheaths, are used for murders all throughout history, daggers symbolise treachery and cowardice.

What is the history of daggers?

Daggers, during the prehistoric times, were made of ivory, flint or bone and were already used as weapons along with bows, arrows, slings and spears. Then, during the bronze period, daggers were made of bronze and other metals. For Egyptian ceremonies, daggers were used as adornments and eventually symbolised military power.

Later on, during the medieval age, daggers were phased out as a primary weapon because of the introduction of swords. It was only after the medieval age that daggers were again used for military purposes.

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